Providing Incoming Science and Mathematics Students a Pathway to Support Success

  1. Supports peer mentorship programs
  2. Enhances first-year programming for freshmen and transfer students
  3. Creates a national model for innovative mathematics instruction and teaching

California employs more than 13 percent of the U.S. STEM workforce — one that requires a strong foundation in science and mathematics. Strengthening this workforce requires a successful transition from high school or community college to our four-year university. The college has a long history of successfully bridging the gap between community college and university, but fewer resources at the federal level threaten our ability to properly fund necessary programs to support our first-generation students and build a diverse STEM pipeline. Once admitted, students need a clear pathway to timely degree completion. First-year programming such as the “Think Like Einstein” course and innovations in mathematics instruction not only impact the college’s students, but students from all disciplines. These vital support services are mainly funded through grants and private donations.

Your investment will ensure we have the resources to sustain and enhance a robust support structure so math and science are accessible and attractive to all entering students.

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