Bringing Immersive Experiences to Budding Scientists and Mathematicians

  1. Develops immersive research experiences for all students of the college
  2. Supports student fellowships and faculty professorships

In the decades ahead, science will help solve many of the great challenges facing our society as they relate to global health, climate change, stewarding our natural resources and exploring the universe. Faculty-student collaborative research, internships and other immersive experiences can be life-changing and provide our students the tools to tackle such challenges. In the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, we will immerse all students in research experiences so they can know the thrill of discovery and develop a lifelong desire and ability to think independently and analytically. This initiative is critical to enhancing our capacity to deliver authentic research experiences that fuel personal and intellectual exploration.

Your investment will support student fellowships, faculty professorships and our capacity to support active research, all of which will inspire further innovations in student success.

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For more information, contact:
Michael Karg
Senior Director of Development
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