Titan of the Airwaves

“My parents taught me how to ‘luchar.’ LCI taught me how to ‘luchar in the professional world’ — to overcome obstacles and be ready. It’s why I’m now at the No. 1 station in the second largest media market in the U.S.”

First-generation student Eric Resendiz learned a lot about hard work and respect from his immigrant parents who came to Southern California from Mexico. What they couldn’t teach him, though, was how to navigate higher education and prepare for the world after graduation.

That’s where Cal State Fullerton’s donor-supported Latino Communications Institute — an innovative program designed to prepare culturally-competent communications professionals — made the difference.

LCI gave Eric the tools he needed to be career-ready: learning Spanish for media work, networking and mastering how to socialize in the professional world. He recalls role-playing exercises to prepare for key conversations with industry executives — which came in handy when he first met Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Eric is grateful for the invaluable support of LCI, enabling him to learn, thrive and realize his broadcasting dreams.

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Eric Resendiz poses in Telemundo studio.Eric Resendiz with his father.