Titan of the Winds

“The oboe and support at Cal State Fullerton have allowed me to reach places I never imagined.”

Musician Jesús Ramos was applying to graduate schools when Hurricane María struck Puerto Rico, causing massive, widespread devastation. The oboist spent weeks without power, unable to finish his applications, and uncertain about his future.

When he could finally reach out, it was too late — application deadlines had passed.

Jesús followed up with Rong-Huey Liu, who leads Cal State Fullerton’s oboe studio, and she empathized with the struggling young scholar, wanting to help. She had met Jesús years earlier and knew his talent and promise.

Jesús received a scholarship and became part of the campus’ award-winning University Wind Symphony. With Liu’s continued support and mentorship, Jesús mastered the difficult wind instrument and became a proud Titan graduate, now pursuing the music career of his dreams.

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Jesús RamosJesús Ramos playing oboe