Titans of Twitch

Studying the muscle fibers of elite female weightlifters, Cal State Fullerton researchers made a shocking discovery: women had a higher concentration of fast-twitch fibers — the secret to explosive power — than ever recorded for any elite athlete, man or woman, in any sport.

Their finding shattered the myth that women are not biologically predisposed to excel at exercises requiring hyper strength and power.

Using this breakthrough knowledge, faculty and student research teams at the university’s Center for Sport Performance are now exploring unique methods to optimize strength training for world-class weightlifters.

With center researchers seeking to understand muscular differences among female athletes — a vastly understudied group — and diving down to the molecular level, Cal State Fullerton is leading the way in sport performance research and evidenced-based training for competitive athletes.

Be the difference.

Help advance sport performance research at Cal State Fullerton today.

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