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Help increase the arboretum's research, conservation and education work.

Your investment will:

  • Create global plant conservation program to expand living collections
  • Construct a plant conservation facility, with greenhouse and seed storage area
  • Support faculty/student research, internships and hands-on learning
  • Fund a plant conservationist and student assistants

Accredited at the highest level (Level IV), Fullerton Arboretum serves as a global learning institution for the stewardship and care of the plant world’s rare and threatened species. As development occurs around the world, many plants disappear from their native habitats and are no longer available for study and appreciation by future generations. As Fullerton Arboretum plans for the next 40 years, there is a demand for expanding the living collections to include more plants from the most remote parts of the world where they are under threat from climate change, deforestation and development. Your investment will construct a plant conservation facility — including a research greenhouse and seed collection storage area — and endow funds for a full-time plant conservationist, internships and student assistants.

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For more information about this investment opportunity and how your contribution will be used, contact:

Michael Karg
Executive Director of Development