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Support increased composting at CSUF and help mitigate climate change.

Your investment will:

  • Purchase waste transport vehicle, tractor and additional irrigation
  • Support faculty/student research, internships and community education
  • Establish leadership in sustainable practices

Food scraps and yard waste together make up about 30 percent of materials currently going to our landfills but instead can create healthy soils here on campus. Fullerton Arboretum presently composts plant and tree trimmings as well as fruit and vegetable waste. Weekly deliveries of horse manure add nitrogen and other important nutrients. Daily food scraps and green waste from the Gastronome, the eatery for students living on campus, could become part of the compost operation at Fullerton Arboretum, with daily transport from the restaurant to the arboretum. Your investment will provide funding to purchase a transport vehicle, a tractor for turning the compost weekly and additional irrigation — all to mitigate climate change through composting. Students will have numerous opportunities for internships, research and developing community education projects.

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For more information about this investment opportunity and how your contribution will be used, contact:

Michael Karg
Executive Director of Development