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Honor the legacy of Titan artistic achievements.

Your investment will:

  • Repair historically significant artwork
  • Fund ongoing conservation of art collections

Artwork in our collection, including publicly displayed sculptures and works stored in our archives, will increase in historical and cultural significance in the years to come, and greatly contribute to the study of California art. We will ensure that these works and their scholarly significance are properly cared for in perpetuity. We have the expertise to refine our role as facilitators of contemporary art research and stewards of historically relevant art. Through a conservation endowment, we will effectively preserve, curate and present this collection.

Your investment will establish an endowment to repair and conserve historically significant works, particularly large-scale sculptures on the main campus. Further, new gifts of artwork and funds dedicated to their maintenance will broaden the collection’s historical relevance and more fully represent the contributions of our faculty, alumni and community members.

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For more information about this investment opportunity and how your contribution will be used, contact:

Lara Farhadi
Senior Director of Development