Revitalize Performing Arts Venues

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Help Titan performing arts venues give an encore performance.

Your investment will:

  • Renovate Little Theater, Recital Hall, lobby and community spaces

Students and audiences will be more effectively engaged in dance, opera and musical theater traditions when production spaces are updated to support today’s artistic standards. We will recondition spaces for dance, opera and musical theater that complement our students’ skills and talent while enhancing the audience experience. Our dance, opera and musical/technical theater programs are some of the region’s most renowned, as evidenced by the extraordinary achievements of our alumni and high number of attendees at performances. With a high caliber of faculty and students already engaged, an upgraded physical space will further springboard the accomplishments of our students and improve the audience experience.

Your investment will renovate the Little Theatre and Recital Hall — which will also include upgrading amenities — as well as lobby and community spaces in these public performance areas.

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For more information about this investment opportunity and how your contribution will be used, contact:

Lara Farhadi
Senior Director of Development