Create a New Visual Arts Center

Expand creative possibility for Titan artists with a new state-of-the-art center.

Your investment will:

  • Construct new spaces for art production, exhibition and conservation
  • Build specialized “new media” labs for digital art
  • Renovate classrooms, studios and gathering spaces

The visual arts have evolved dramatically since the university’s Visual Arts complex was built six decades ago, and our buildings limit the potential for teaching and sharing art in interdisciplinary, innovative and collaborative ways. We will create a new center for the visual arts that is designed to support the broad demands of today’s students and also expands opportunities for the community to engage with art. We stand apart from other art colleges and departments in Southern California by teaching and exhibiting a broad range of 14 art disciplines; the breadth and depth of artistic possibility will be significantly expanded with state-of-the-art facilities and technology.

Your investment will support new galleries for art exhibition, conservation and preparation; specialized new media labs for digital art forms; renovated graduate art studios; new makerspaces; expanded spaces for 3D art forms such as glass and ceramics; upgraded lecture halls and painting studios; and new student and community gathering spaces.

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For more information about this investment opportunity and how your contribution will be used, contact:

Lara Farhadi
Senior Director of Development