Ensure Transformational Teacher Preparation

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Give future educators access to real-world teaching experiences.

Your investment will:

  • Allow students experiencing financial hardship the ability to pursue the Teacher Residency Program, which provides real-world classroom experience and expert teacher mentorship
  • Increase number of diverse, well-trained teachers

Our high-quality teacher preparation provides future teachers with effective hands-on, in-class management; teaching strategies; and curriculum development experience — applying theory to practice, but not at the expense of the student. Under the direction of a seasoned expert teacher, future teachers gain competency, refine their teaching methods and gain practical, real-world experience in a rigorous yearlong residency that prevents them from securing additional employment. The residency requires students to teach full-time at a school site serving a diverse population while being registered as a full-time credential candidate.

Your investment will support a Teacher Residency Program that allows students experiencing financial hardship to access a high-quality teacher preparation program, and learn the skills to teach in a real-world classroom with diverse, tech-driven learners and a variety of context based challenges.

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For more information about this investment opportunity and how your contribution will be used, contact:

Lisa Miller
Associate Director of Development

Katie McGill
Executive Director of Development