Titan of Expression

“As a child of formerly undocumented parents, I felt a weight and responsibility to honor the shirt and share the story of where I found it. Cal State Fullerton pushed me to not be afraid to do the projects that I want to do — there I found my voice and myself.”

As a master’s student in art at Cal State Fullerton, Teresita de la Torre found her inspiration and herself. With the encouragement of Assistant Professor of Art Rebecca Campbell, Teresita turned a sun-damaged shirt, found discarded near the U.S.-Mexico border, into the catalyst for a life-changing project.

Every day for an entire year, she wore the shirt, exploring the possibilities of who might have worn it in the past and under what conditions. As the shirt physically deteriorated, her passion for giving voice to the immigrant experience grew in the body of work she created around the experience.

She hopes that future CSUF art students will have a chance to find their inspiration as she did — as the campus transforms spaces with the support of generous donors.

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Teresita stands in front of a Chanel store wearing a torn, sun-damaged shirt.Sun-damaged shirt discarded in desert near U.S.-Mexico border.