Titan of Rescue

“The Center for Entrepreneurship has made a tremendous difference in making me into a businessman – teaching me business basics and how to pitch our company. The CSUF Startup Incubator has given us access to amazing resources. It’s been great to run our ideas by seasoned entrepreneurs.”

Working as an emergency medical technician and sheriff’s department volunteer, computer science major Bryan Ruef was astonished by the outdated, error-prone systems cities relied on during emergencies.

He developed an affordable, cloud-based dispatching software product but wasn’t sure how to bring it to market.

The entrepreneur-in-residence program at the College of Engineering and Computer Science — a collaboration between CSUF’s Center for Entrepreneurship and ECS — encouraged him to compete in the CSUF Startup Competition for a chance to win customized launch support in the CSUF Startup Incubator.

Bryan won the competition and now has a team of advisers helping him grow his company, 10-8 Systems. His software is used in 48 states for disaster response; it saved more than 650 lives in Hurricane Dorian.

Bryan credits CSUF’s entrepreneurship resources for putting him on the path to success — making his dream of improving public safety a reality.

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Bryan Ruef demonstrates his software to first responders.A close up of 10-8 Systems software.