Why Give?

Cal State Fullerton is delivering on the promise of higher education. We are the catalyst for Titan-sized transformations, inspiring students’ paths, launching careers and improving lives both on campus and in the community. We have achieved national leadership in providing access to quality education and opportunity to underrepresented students.

Now, however, we face the daunting challenge of continuing to meet student needs sufficiently in the midst of declining state funding, a surging student population and aging campus infrastructure. Titans — the future of our community and nation — deserve better.

That is why we are launching our first-ever comprehensive philanthropic campaign, “It Takes a Titan.”

  • Bar graph showing shriking state support from 1980 to 2020Declining Percentage of Education Cost Paid by State
  • Bar graph showing increasing student population from 1980 to 2019Skyrocketing Student Population
  • Pie chart showing infrastructure needsAging Campus Infrastructure

“It Takes a Titan” is an opportunity for you to be the difference in the life of a student.

Why support “It Takes a Titan”?

Cal State Fullerton supporters shared their reasons at the campaign launch event.

Why I Give

Karl Freels and Dan Black

For Dan Black ’67 (B.S. physics) and his grandson, Karl Freels ’12, ’17 (B.A., M.A. history), CSUF provided more than an education, and they have been inspired to give back.

I want to help students. It’s rewarding that I play a role in their lives.

Helping Titans is so important in putting them on the road to success so they can better our community and world.

Jeffrey Van Harte

Jeffrey Van Harte ’80 (B.A. business administration-finance) credits the university with shaping him and helping him achieve career success. He recognizes the life-changing power of CSUF — offering the American dream of equal opportunity.

When you watch students get emotional because they never would have made it to where they are without the opportunities afforded them by the university, it confirms why you give back.

Jeffrey Van Harte

Terry Giles ’70 (B.A. speech communication), says his experience at CSUF, particularly as a member of the debate team, prepared him well for life and for his successful career as a trial lawyer.

I can relate to the majority of students at Cal State Fullerton as the first person in my family who went to college. When I was in school and connected with people who had been successful in their life, it gave me great hope that maybe I could do that someday. The support I give to Cal State Fullerton is about trying to pass on that hope to students — so that they can transform their life into anything that they want it to be.

For more information, contact:
University Advancement
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