Stories of Impact: Daisy Muñoz

I look at my bat and it reminds me to stay present and calm.

The mental part of softball is so important. Even though many of the best players celebrate only three out of 10 victories, failing more than you succeed is something that is very hard to accept. For the majority of my softball career I have struggled with this, but Cal State Fullerton gave me a new lens.

Titan Softball recently had the opportunity to work with a sports psychologist, and I’ve learned skills to help me on and off the field. Having a focal point like my bat keeps me grounded whenever I am stressed or doing too much. When I’m not on the field, I look at the sky or the ceiling.

Daisy Muñoz

As a student and an athlete, I’ve also learned to have a plan. For softball, putting in the extra practice before a weekend game is vital to feeling confident for the opponent I am going to face. With school, mapping out all of my assignments helps me feel prepared to do my best.

Being on the Titan Softball team is a great honor for me. I’m the first one in my family to get a scholarship to play a sport at a Division I university. After I graduate, I hope to further my career in softball, become a coach and continue to grow the sport.

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I enjoy watching the excellent, well-coached Titan Softball team and appreciate the mutual support and family atmosphere they exhibit. When I asked how I could best help the team, Coach Kelly Ford said that a sports psychologist was of highest priority. I take great pleasure in being able to fund that need.

Mike Horn, professor emeritus of biological science

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